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Volume 38, Issue 2, 2019

Open for the Season

Book a member bat flight at Bracken Cave Preserve

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Participants of Members Night watch an emergence from Bracken Cave.

Bracken Cave is the summer home of more than 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis), making it the world’s largest known bat colony and one of the largest concentrations of mammals on Earth. The emergence of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight.

Join us this season to witness this phenomenon! To book a member bat flight, you must be a current member of BCI.

Three types of member events are offered during the 2019 season:

• Evening Bat Flights are free for BCI members and their guests (as determined by your membership level).

• Adult Evening Bat Flights are limited to members age 18 and older. Fee: $10 per person.

• Morning Flight Returns are early morning opportunities to see the bats return to roost.

For more information or to book a bat flight, visit

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