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Volume 36, Issue 2, 2017

Meet BCI Member Roger Levine

Bat flying in the sky
Courtesy of Roger Levine

Roger Levine, a BCI member from Redwood City, California, is a retired researcher who specialized in education research, evaluation research and health services research. Nowadays, he is a self-described wine geek, golfer and bat enthusiast. BATS sat down with Levine to find out more about his involvement with BCI.

What is your favorite bat?

I really have no favorites, in the same way that I have no favorite child or favorite cat.

Why did you join BCI?

In 1988, I read an article in the New Yorker about Bats (and BCI), by Diane Ackerman. I shared it with my spouse, whose interest in bats dates from elementary school. This motivated us to join BCI.

Tell us about your experience with BCI? (Any fun stories?)

In responding to a BCI member survey, I mentioned my survey research expertise and volunteered my services. I was subsequently contacted by BCI about an education project. This led to assisting with the design and implementation of a study to assess the impact of the Bat Squad! webcast series, as well as helping with the analyses of data. The results demonstrated the webcasts had a clear, strong and statistically significant impact. They resulted in favorable changes in students’ knowledge and feelings about bats, as well as significantly reducing misconceptions.

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