Volume 19, Issue 1, Spring 2001

Scientific Advisory Board Update

I welcomes the newest members of our Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Armando Rodriguez-Durán is a professor and Dean of Arts and Science at the University of Puerto Rico. He has led workshops on the ecological methods of studying tropical bats and has worked with bats in the field, from Australia, to India and Panama. His research has been widely published, and his book credits include Cave Bats in Puerto Rico. His country has 13 species of bats and important karst regions that must be protected in order to conserve bat populations. Although Dr. Rodriguez-Durán believes that important steps have been taken throughout the West Indies in recent years, he feels there is much work to be done in terms of education. BCI looks forward to helping him meet this challenge in the years ahead.

Ir. Herman Limpens of The Netherlands, has organized and taught bat detector workshops in a number of southeastern European countries, including Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine and others. He frequently consults with the German Federal Nature Conservation Agency, assessing the status of bats in that country, and helping establish conservation priorities. Most recently, he donated his time and expertise to BCI's Bat Sound Workshop, which examined the latest echolocation research and available technologies.

Dr. Eduard Yavrouian is a professor of biology at Armenia's Yerevan State University. Dr. Yavrouian's research has focused on sustainable development and conservation of rare and endangered species, including Armenia's 23 bat species, which live in caves, mines and buildings. He coordinates with his country's Ministry of Environment concerning conservation of migratory mammals and serves as Transcaucasia's coordinator for the International Chiropterological Society.

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