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Arresting and reversing the decline of bats requires an integrated global effort, that not only includes those directly involved in bat education, conservation and research, but also governmental organizations as well as more diverse NGOs that will bring new sets of skills to the challenges we face for bat conservation. In Africa, BCI has forged partnerships with individuals and organizations at the local, country, and regional level, including the Bat Conservation Africa (BCA) network. BCI is working to expand and strengthen our partnerships in Africa and beyond with the long-term goal of building a unified global federation of networks, organizations, and individuals, all united in the cause of bat conservation.

On February 15, 2013, BCI hosted the first African Bat Conservation Summit, in Naivasha, Kenya, where a new continent-wide network, Bat Conservation Africa, was launched. BCA drew upon experiences of Bat Conservation International and existing bat conservation networks, such as the Latin American Bat Conservation Network (RELCOM), the Southeast Asia Bat Conservation and Research Unit (SEABCRU), the Australasian Bat Society (ABS), and the Chiropteran Conservation and Information Network of South Asia (CCINSA).

The BCA network is led by a Steering Committee composed entirely of Africans, with an advisory body from the international community. BCA’s membership continues to grow from the 42 participants at its inception to over sixty, representing at least 25 African nations and numerous countries from outside of Africa. There are several other bat conservation, research or advocacy groups that work in Africa, some of which have joined BCA. Over time BCI plans to work with BCA and others to develop a comprehensive list of organizations working for bat conservation to facilitate greater communications and collaborations.

BCA's vision is for bats and humans living in harmony in Africa.

BCA's mission is to facilitate research on, and conservation actions for, bats in Africa, through providing a network open to all bat conservation workers in the continent.
BCA's primary objectives are to:

  • Promote research on, and conservation of, African bats,
  • Facilitate collaboration among members on research and conservation projects,
  • Provide advice on policy for bat conservation, and
  • Develop and assist with fundraising for bat related activities

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Dedicated volunteers in Nigeria
Iroro Tanshi (second from left) has a team of dedicated volunteers in Nigeria to monitor
colonies of the migratory straw-colored fruit bat, lead public awareness campaigns,
and to conduct research.
Photo courtesy of Iroro Tanshi.

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