Establishing a New Network

Arresting and reversing the decline of bats requires an integrated global effort. In the U.S., Bat Conservation International (BCI) has forged partnerships with individuals and organizations at the local, country, and regional level, including federal and state agencies, corporations, conservation organizations, and academic institutions. BCI is working to expand and strengthen our partnerships in the US and Canada with the long-term goal of building a unified global bat conservation federation.

BCI is actively engaged in regional bat conservation efforts through a variety of networks and coalitions. Our staff are working to launch a new regional bat conservation network involving Canada, Mexico and the U.S.through the North American Bat Conservation Alliance. We are also part of a team developing the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat).

Through our role as a founding member of the Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative, our collaboration has produced scientifically credible and economically feasible solutions to reducing wind turbine-caused bat mortality for migratory tree-roosting bat species in the U.S./Canada region.

We are heavily invested in the White-nose Syndrome response effort, and are working closely with a broad network of partners to respond to this devastating disease. Our partnerships with universities to research potential solutions are a key component of BCI’s contribution to the effort.