Bat Conservation International Welcomes New Senior Director of Conservation Science.

Winifred Frick

Austin, Tx (March 4, 2016) – Bat Conservation International (BCI) today announced that Winifred Frick, Ph.D., will join the organization as the new Senior Director of Conservation Science. Dr. Frick will oversee the organization’s conservation-related science programs and will help advance BCI’s relationships with its partners.

“BCI is truly fortunate to welcome a scientist of Winifred’s stature to the organization as our Senior Director of Conservation Science,” said Andrew Walker, BCI Executive Director. “She is a highly respected bat scientist, with expertise in bat ecology and conservation, including White-nose Syndrome and anthropogenic stressors on bat populations. With her breadth of experience and expertise, Winifred will expand our team’s capacity to implement science-based conservation.”

Dr. Frick, who earned a Ph.D. at Oregon State University, is internationally renowned for her research on the disease ecology and impacts of White-nose Syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed over six million bats in North America. Exploring how bat populations respond to anthropogenic and natural stressors has been the focus of her 15-year research career. As an adjunct assistant professor in ecology and evolutionary biology at University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Frick has investigated some of the foremost threats to bat populations including White-nose Syndrome, landscape use and impacts of climate change.

“I am delighted to join BCI, an organization that aims to combine scientific analysis with on-the-ground conservation actions,” said Winifred Frick. “ I am excited to join the conservation team at BCI to help protect the world’s many bat species.”

In addition to her work on White-nose Syndrome, Dr. Frick has worked extensively in northwestern Mexico on ecology of desert bats, including seasonal ecology and foraging behavior of nectar-feeding bats and helped pioneer the trans-disciplinary field of aeroecology. Dr. Frick will join the team at BCI in May.