BCI Bat Walks

Sunset is just the beginning. Join us for a new kind of nature experience, enjoy bat watching in your own community.

 MG 1848
BCI Bat Ambassador graduates from Houston, Texas
Photograph by: M Gamba-Rios / Bat Conservation International

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new program of public bat walks led by trained BCI Ambassadors. Through this initiative, BCI is developing a network of trained volunteers to provide interactive and in-person bat encounters to local communities. Based on the existing success of bat walk programs in Europe and New York’s Central Park, BCI is committed to bringing these experiences to new locations in the United States. Our program will offer highly effective, experiential ways to relay the importance of bats and threats to their survival to participants during intermittent stops along a walking route.

Through physical participation, we believe people will retain the information they learn through this shared experience and then have an opportunity to teach others.

 MG 1670
Bat Walk Trainer identifies the nearby bat species using the Echo Meter
Touch Photograph by: M Gamba-Rios / Bat Conservation International

We are currently partnering with zoos and nature centers to access a trained network of staff, volunteers, and an already existing community of nature lovers who are predisposed to seek out wildlife experiences.

BCI will provide the necessary tools and materials to our expert partners, such as bat detectors, which plug into a smartphone and are app-enabled, providing a hands-on experience to the public, enable them to visualize the secretive world of echolocation. We are thrilled about the emerging bat detector technology that enables everyone to experience bats – right in their own communities.

Local partners in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio will be offering bat walks in summer 2019. Our first official partner in this effort is the Houston Zoo, who has assisted in developing this program in a novel way as a leader in effective community engagement and developing conservation messages that resonate – both of which will be instrumental in to offering an inspiring nature experience!


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