Frozen Chocolate Banana Bats

Frozen Chocolate Banana Bats

Perfect for any season, these tasty frozen chocolate banana bats will fly right into your hearts (and stomach!)

Did you know? Bats help bring both bananas and chocolate to the table! For over 50 million years, bananas evolved with their main pollinator - bats - to the shape (and smell) that we recognize today! For chocolate, economists estimate that without bats munching on pest populations, cocoa would fall by up to 22 percent!   

Lesser Long-tongued Fruit Bat (Macroglossus minimus)
feeding on the nectar of banana flowers
Copyright Ch'ien Lee/Minden Pictures


Parchment Paper

Popsicle Sticks

Pastry Bag


Bananas (bat connection!)

Chocolate Chips (bat connection!)



1. Start by cutting your bananas in half and sticking a popsicle stick into them. Freeze.

2. Carefully melt the chocolate in the microwave (in tiny increments to prevent burning) or temper using a double boiler.

3. Fill your pastry bag with half of the melted chocolate. Carefully pipe bat wings on the parchment paper. Freeze.
a. Tip: Outline the bat wings on the paper with a pencil.

4. Remove frozen bananas and carefully dip them into the remaining melted chocolate. Freeze.

5. Carefully remove the frozen bat wings from the parchment paper.

6. Use your pastry bag to pipe chocolate to attach the wings to the body.

7. Enjoy!

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