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Job Opportunity at BCI: Subterranean Specialist

BCI has an opening for a Subterranean Specialist. This position requires a highly trained, highly motivated individual willing and able to conduct... Read More

Bats Worth Over $1 Billion to Corn Industry

In the grassy cornfields of Southern Illinois bats are on the hunt for insects, and according to new research, farmers have more than a billion reasons... Read More

International Groups Forge a Global Alliance for Bat Conservation

The International National Trust Organization and Bat Conservation International form a unique partnership to protect the world’s 1330+ species... Read More

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Going to Bat for Bats

Interview With BCI's Katie Gillies about White-nose Syndrome and more


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Bat conservation in Costa Rica
BatsLIVE Bracken Bat Cave History
The Bat (What Does the Indiana Bat Say?)

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