Bat Squad!: Ep.4 Bat Chat! Join The Bat Squad

Kids can get involved in many different ways with bat conservation. From science projects to lunch time groups, the Bat Squad! shares the exciting ways they have got involved in their own backyard!


Get Batty in the Classroom - The Bat Squad!

This activity explores the question “What threats do bats face and how can you help them?” Students will explore the value of bats in our environment, their habitat needs, and the threats that they face in the wild. After discovering the effects of these threats on bat populations, students will have the opportunity to take personal action to aid bat survival. Students will explore service learning activities that they can take in their backyards and communities to help bats, commit to participating in bat conservation projects, and challenge other students, schools, and organizations to do the same. ?

The Bat Squad Activity - Download

Bat Squad!: Ep.2 Hey Bat What’s Your Habitat

Bats don’t just live in caves! Explore the different places bats call home with the Bat Squad!


Get Batty in the Classroom - Studying Neighborhood Bats

Have you ever seen a bat flying around your neighborhood at dusk? You probably have bats as neighbors even if you’ve never seen them! This activity allows kids to discover what bats they may have in their own backyards!

Studying Neighborhood Bats - Download

Powerpoint of Common Habitat Types - Download

Bat Squad!: Ep.3 Bats Need Friends

Bats across North America are under threat from a deadly fungal disease called White-nose Syndrome. Join the Bat Squad! as they teach us about this and other threats our bats are facing and what kids can do to help!


Get Batty in the Classroom - There’s a Fungus Among Us – WNS transmission

This activity explores the question “What is White-Nose Syndrome, how is it spread, and why is it important?” Students will investigate how infectious diseases are spread, focusing on the disease White- Nose Syndrome, and the scientific methods used to investigate diseases.

Students will simulate the interactions of bats in a cave when bats are in close proximity and may spread WNS fungal spores. By coming into physical contact with other “bats,” students will have the chance to test to see if they have been infected with WNS and observe how quickly the disease can spread. Students will also interpret graphs to learn about doubling effects, exponential equations, and population growth curves.

There’s a Fungus Among Us Activity - Download

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Bracken Cave is the summer home of more than 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis), making it the world's largest bat colony and one of the largest concentration of mammals on earth. The emergence of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight.

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