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What Can Zoos & Aquariums Do?

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1. Have your bat exhibits, bat-related education programs and any bat-related conservation programs promoted on these pages. Contact us.

2. Become a Bat Conservation Partner with BCI. We offer free advice, materials and promotion of your conservation work.

3. Plan your own Bat Appreciation/Celebration/Awareness event. Every year the second full week of April is International Bat Appreciation Week, and every year the Saturday of the last full weekend in August is International Bat Night, and many AZA institutions are cooperating to hold bat celebrations in October, but you can hold an event any time and as often as you like. To help, the AZA YOTB Team has developed an "Events Suitcase" (see below) with information and activities to help you plan your celebration.
Other great resources are here.

4. Join the AZA Year of the Bat Team on Facebook and on the Bat Conservation Education Google Group. Instructions: Go to http://groups.google.com/group/bat-conservation-education?hl=en or contact Diana Barber for an invitation. Please note you will need to have or create a Google Account to join the group.

5. Encourage your staff and visitors to see bats at zoos and in the wild and attend bat education programs and workshops. More information is available under 'See Live Bats on Exhibit', 'Attend Bat Education Programs', and 'Bat Events '.

6. Read the 2012 Spring AZA Conservation Education Committee (CEC) Newsletter here which includes articles about bats, AZA and Year of the Bat.

7. Read the Connect article, July 2012, "North America's Largest Wildlife Crisis". Find it here. See the incredible cover of Connect, October 2012 (photo provided by BCI)
8.  Learn from the Bat Panel Session presentations at the AZA Annual Conferences in 2011 and 2012 (Bats: New Threats, What is Being Done, and How You Can Help!), both available at http://www.aza.org/Proceedings/.


Events Suitcase

HALLOWEEN Tips to Celebrate Bats

Bat Books for all ages

PowerPoint Presentation - Why Care About Bats

Activity - Benefits of Bats

Activity - Echolocation

Activity - Family Sense

Activity - Home Sweet Home

Activity - How do you Measure Up

Activity - Letter

Activity - Make and Play Game

Print your own I LOVE BATS stickers (using Avery Square Labels paper, 22806)

Print your own I LOVE BATS temporary tattoos (using printable tattoo paper). I LOVE BATS tattoo template. I LOVE BATS tattoo template REVERSED

Benefits of Bats article

Threats to Bats article

How to Help Bats article


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