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How You can Help

Educate your friends and families about the benefits of bats and the threats they face around the world.

  • If caving in different areas of the world, help us protect cave-roostingbats by adhering to all federal and local cave advisories and closures. Please be aware of the danger of spreading White-nose Syndrome and help reduce this threat by following WNS decontamination protocols and, whenever possible, using different gear for different caving areas.

  • Report bat roosts in Latin America and the Caribbean to BCI to help us work with local organizations to conserve important colonies.

  • Every donation counts! Most of ourprojects are possible only with your donations. Even small donations can make a realdifference in the success of a project. BCI staff and partners need support to replace critical supplies and equipment as they wear out. Specifically, we have continuing needs for mist-nets, bat traps, cave helmets and lights and bat detectors. Please contact BCI if you have an interest in donating the actual equipment. For financial donations, please click on the link below. Thanks for your support!

  • Donate to conserve bats of Latin America and the Caribbean and other bat conservation initiatives!





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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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