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Program Overview


BCI will work collaboratively to ensure the long-term conservation of all bat species and habitats throughout Latin America.



BCI will achieve our goal by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Close collaboration with RELCOM and other partners in the region.

  • Capacity building for local conservationists, students and natural-resource managers.

  • Education for children, teachers, decision-makers and the general public.

  • Identification and protection of Latin America’s critical bat areas.

  • Mitigation of all significant threats to bats and bat habitats in the region.

  • Promotion of research to fill significant gaps in scientific knowledge.

  • Prevention of bat-species extinctions.

Major Threats

  • Deforestation

  • Cave vandalism

  • Roost destruction

  • Irresponsible tourism

  • Indiscriminate use of toxins

  • Mining

  • Wildlife disease

  • Persecution

  • Wind turbines

  • Climate change

Geographic Area

From Tucson to Tierra del Fuego: our programming extends southward from the border areas of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas and encompasses all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Map of bat-species richness, showing the overlap of species ranges. Map of bat species counts by country, showing the number of species known to be present.
LAprogoverviewmap1 LAprogoverviewmap2
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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