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How You Can Help

Stay Out & Stay Alive! NEVER enter abandoned mines as they are extremely dangerous! In addition to the human tragedy, deaths or injuries increase pressure to close large numbers of mines in short periods of time. In such circumstances, appropriate bat assessments may not be conducted before some mines are permanently closed, potentially entombing bats inside.


Encourage your state and federal management organizations to protect mine habitats for bats.



Report abandoned mines or colonies of bats at mines and caves to BCI or your local wildlife organization.


Educate your friends and family about the benefits of bats and how conservation of critical mine-habitats enhances public safety and helps the bats.


Requests by Managers and biologists for gating workshops and other types of trainings.


Every donation counts! Our projects often are possible only with timely donations of money and equipment. Even small donations can make a huge difference in the success of a project. BCI staff and partners need support to replace critical safety and project equipment and supplies as they wear out. Specifically, we have continuing needs for safety equipment (11mm static ropes, double and single sheave pulleys, gas detectors).


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Last Updated: Monday, 05 August 2013
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