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Our Latest Wish List

Your help with any of these special needs will directly improve BCI’s ability to protect bats and bat habitats. To contribute or for more information, contact BCI’s Department of Development at (512) 327-9721 or development@batcon.org.

Benches for Bracken

Now that BCI has reinstated Member Nights at Bracken Cave Reserve, we need to provide seating around the mouth of the cave so visitors can safely watch the bats’ evening emergence. For $100 each, you can provide benches made of beautiful Ashe juniper (known locally as “cedar”) that was removed from the Bracken property as part of our habitat restoration project. For only $200, you can donate a bench that will bear your name on a plaque – and provide reserved seating for your Bracken visit.
Restoring and studying the 697-acre Reserve, meanwhile, requires a great deal of equipment that needs protection. We desperately need a 500-square-foot storage shed, with a price tag of $5,000.

Fun Facts About Bats

Filled with “gee-whiz” facts about bats, BCI’s little wallet-size Important Bat Facts brochures are very popular educational tools for bat exhibits, presentations, classrooms and parties. Some people even hand them out to Trick or Treaters at Hallowe’en. But we are about to exhaust our supply of these handy teaching tools. Help us spread the word. We need $2,750 to reprint 20,000 of these brochures.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 03 July 2013
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