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Stay Out of the Limelight

Firefly by Terry Priest iconWith all of the bats out in the summer why aren't they eating the fireflies? Find out what's going on.                             


The best way to prevent Zika in your backyard

Aedes aegyptiWith Zika carrying mosquitoes being most active during dusk or dawn, it is a bit unrealistic to rely on bats to prevent the spread of the virus.


BCI Launches Search For New Executive Director

BCI is seeking an entrepreneurial, proven, and strategic leader who will direct the organization through an exciting time of transition and global growth.


BCI Expansion: Communications Associate Position

Large Flying Fox Pteropus vampyrus 240This is a full time position, to be based in Arlington, Virginia. BCI is looking for a Communications Associate.      


BCI Shoots for the Stars

Four Stars iconCharity Navigator awards it's highest rating to BCI for the second year in a row. BCI has received a rating of Exceptional, meaning we exceed industry standards and outperform most charities in our Cause.


From Nose-Tubes to Lactating Dads: 10 of the Weirdest Facts about Bats

10 Bat Facts 7It's not enough to be the only flying mammal, these bats go way past the norm to be the strangest and coolest creatures out tonight.                                 


Farewell Andrew Walker

Andy 2BCI wishes a fond farewell to Andrew Walker as he leaves to go on to new ventures.                                                                                                    


Second Graders Go Batty

2nd grade icon 2When a class of sudents in Minnesota learned about bats in class it it didn't take long before their enthusiasm and dedication brought a community and its flying residents together.


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