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Hope Flies In

Hope flies in 4Endangered species Day Doesn't have to be sad. Check out these stories of hope and see how people are helping bat populations soar again.


BCI Expansion: Membership Administrator Position

Large Flying Fox Pteropus vampyrus 240Due to departmental expansion, we are looking for a Membership Administrator, here at BCI. This full-time position will be based at our main offices in Austin, TX.


An Intern Adventure

Intern adventure thumbnailJoin Erin, BCI's newest intern, as she visits Bracken Cave to meet the 15 million bats that call the cave home.


Celebrate the Mom bats!

1202 240Our Mom’s are really something special and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to tell them so. Even our batty high flying moms go above and beyond for their kids.


Experts unite to save the Mexican long-nosed bat

Mexican long nosed bat 240Researchers, educators, and government representatives met in Austin last week to establish a comprehensive vision and action plan to help recover this migratory pollinator bat.


Disease that has killed millions of bats has now reached the West Coast

WNSWhite-nose Syndrome has been confirmed in Washington State - first case in the western United States.


Meet the women who make a difference for bats

Women in Bat Conservation thumbWomen have played a large role in bat conservation. We are celebrating their contributions as a part of International Women's Day and Women's History Month!


Bat Conservation International Welcomes New Senior Director of Conservation Science.

frick 240We are happy to announce that Winifred Frick, Ph.D., will join BCI as the new Senior Director of Conservation Science. Dr. Frick will oversee the organization’s conservation-related science programs and will help advance BCI’s relationships with its partners.


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