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The best way to prevent Zika in your backyard

Aedes aegyptiWith Zika carrying mosquitoes being most active during dusk or dawn, it is a bit unrealistic to rely on bats to prevent the spread of the virus.


Brews, Bats, and Trivia!

Brews and Bats ThumbnailDo you love beer? Do you love bats? Do you love trivia? Well we have an event for you!                                                      


Holy Smokes, it's the Bat Squad!

Calvin Thumbnail Passionate and precocious, the next generation of bat conservationists bring their enthusiam to their peers via the Web.                       


Passionate and precocious, the next generation of bat conservationists bring their enthusiam to their peers via the Web.


New guide to Amazonian bats

Cynompos 240Do you think identifying bats in Europe or in North America is difficult? Well, try it in the Amazon. The planet’s green lung is home to the most diverse bat communities on the planet with more than 160 species currently described.


BAT SQUAD! is Coming

Bat squad iconBat Week is almost here and the kids of the Bat Squad can’t wait!


NASBR Teachers Workshop

October 15, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Hyatt Regency Riverwalk
Pecan Room
123 Losoya Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 222-1234

The North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR) meets annually throughout North America. Bat research biologists attend the NASBR meeting to share their research data and information with colleagues throughout North America and beyond. NASBR taps into this body of expertise as well as local bat conservation professionals to organize an annual teachers’ workshop on Saturday, October 15, the last day of the meeting.

This year the NASBR meeting is being held in San Antonio and we are inviting local teachers to attend this unique opportunity to learn about Texas bats and how to integrate topics on bat biology, ecology, conservation and public health into the classroom curriculum. The teachers' workshop will be limited to the first 50 teachers who sign up. The $25 registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. The fee covers refreshments and a packet of classroom materials about bats.

Here is the workshop schedule and location of the event. Please note that there is no free parking at the hotel. There are several public parking lots in the area.

Register here

$100,000 Awarded in Grants to Fight Deadly Fungus

WNS article thumbnailBCI and the Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy are pleased to award $100,000 in funding to support critical research in the fight against White-nose Syndrome.                      


Locals go Loco for Bats

Bat loco iconPeople are going batty as the Bat Loco Bash festival gets started in San Antonio! August 9, 6-9pm. Bat parade, music, educational activities - fun for the whole family!


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