Bracken Cave
Bracken Webcam!

Bracken Webcam!

We are excited to announce BCI's new webcam at Bracken Cave Preserve! Now you can get your bat fix from the comfort of your own home.

The world's largest bat colony spends its summers in BCI’s Bracken Cave in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio. The bat mothers and pups of this maternity colony of Mexican free-tailed bats eat tons of insects every night, including many costly farm pests. From March to November, the bats' nightly emergence from the cave takes more than three hours and includes so many bats that they show up on Doppler radar (see our Bracken Weather page). You can watch this awesome emergence live via BCI’s webcam or visit in person on one of our special Member Night tours. Our Batcam also lets you watch the RETURN, when millions of bats come back home as the sun rises – so many it’s like they're raining into the cave.

Please ensure you have the latest Flash browser plugin to view the webcam.

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