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BCI Credit Cards

BCI Credit Cards

BCI Supporters, thank you for your interest in a BCI credit card through Capital One. Unfortunately, Capital One has decided to end its credit card program and is no longer accepting applications for credit cards to benefit BCI. When we decide to replace the credit card program in the near future, we’ll post information on the website. Your support is appreciated!

For current holders of the BCI credit card, Capital One has provided this information:

  1. Why is the program ending?
    Capital One has decided to discontinue the Card Lab Connect Program at this time.
  2. What will happen to my account?
    Your account will remain open but you will be converted to a different Capital One rewards credit card product.
  3. Are the terms of my account going to change?
    Your account terms will remain the same; however, the rewards program associated with your account will change.  You will receive detailed information about your new rewards card at least 45 days before the conversion.
  4. Will I get a new card?
    Yes, you will receive a new card with Capital One branding.
    Your organization’s logo/image will not be on this new card.
  5. When will this happen?
    The program will be discontinued near the end of this year (2014)
  6. Will I continue to benefit my organization?
    Although the Program is ending and a portion of each purchase will no longer be directly sent to your organization, cardholder supporters may still be able to donate their rewards toward 501(c)(3) organizations. Once your account is converted to a Capital One branded rewards card, you may redeem your rewards to contribute to certified 501(c)(3) organizations via The No Hassle Giving site at www.capitalone.com/give

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