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Quick Search

If you are unsure where to start, use Quick Search to scan for a specific word or phrase. Text searches are case-insenstive, meaning that you can use myotis, Myotis, or MYOTIS to get the same results.

Quick Search is the general search mechanism, and will provide for you the most results because it searchs in key fields such as `Author`, `Title`, and `Journal`, and it also in any `Keywords` that might have been entered for that reference. You will not see these keywords, but you will see the results based upon them.

If you type multiple words in the Quick Search blank, you will induce OR logic. For example:

Little Brown

will results in all records that have the word little in the `Author`, `Title`, `Journal`, and `Keywords` fields, plus all records that have the word brown in these same fields. So you will get records for Little Brown Bats as well as Banded Big Brown Bats.

If you want to limit your search to only Little Brown Bats, you can use double quotes around the search criterion. That is:

"Little Brown"

Will give results for Little Brown Bats, but it will not give results for Big Brown Bats.

Your search criterion will be boldfaced in the result set.

Advanced Search

When you want to narrow your search to something more specific, use the Advanced Search mechanism. This mechanism uses AND logic.

For example: if you entered an author of adams and a title of water, your result set would be comprised of only those records where the `Author` field contains the word adams AND the `Title` field contains the word water. In SQL, that is:

`Author` like '%adams%' AND `Title` like '%water%'

Note: specifying water for the Title search will yield any results with the word water in it. For example: water, waterhole, Watertown, Waterman, etc.
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