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Grassroots Outreach Helps Save Pennsylvania’s Bats

Dear Members and Friends,

Bat Conservation International has long been working to protect bats and their habitats in Pennsylvania. You’ve heard a lot from me this past year about a serious new threat to Pennsylvania’s bats: State House Bill 1576, also known as the Endangered Species Coordination Act. Now I am happy to share this exciting news: HB1576 has been stopped in its tracks.

This bill, if passed, would have been detrimental to existing and future protections for bats in Pennsylvania. So we asked for your help in stopping the legislation. Your calls, letters and emails had an impact and made a difference! In March, a caucus of Pennsylvania State Representatives met and discussed the opposition to the bill. As a result, the HB1576 was pulled from the voting schedule. It will not be brought to a vote.

Thank you for your time and commitment to this important issue. This is proof that grassroots outreach and action can make a difference, and Pennsylvania’s threatened and endangered bats appreciate your work! Thank you for your continued support of bats and BCI!

Katie Gillies
Imperiled Species Coordinator
Bat Conservation International

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Last Updated: Friday, 04 April 2014
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