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October 2005, Volume 3, Number 10
Take to the Field with BCI

Looking for an exciting and unique outdoors adventure that will boost your skills in bat research and conservation? Look no farther. BCI is now accepting reservations for our 2006 field workshops for both professionals and serious bat fans. More than 1,200 people have gotten hands-on training at these sessions and gone on to apply what they learned around the world. Join them this summer. Space is limited, so sign up today! (Fees cover all materials, meals and lodging for 6 days and 5 nights, plus transportation from the departure city.)

Arizona Workshops Portal, Arizona

Bat Conservation and Management Workshop Two sessions: June 12-17 & June 17-22 2006

A field-identification extravaganza, this workshop in the Chiricahua Mountains features the catch-and-release of up to 18 bat species in a single evening. Veteran workshop leader Janet Tyburec and her team, including biologists from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, will share a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of species identification (including echolocation calls), bat conservation, management, education, public health, nuisance issues and artificial habitats.

Each session limited to 15 participants

$1,295 from Tucson, Arizona Acoustic Monitoring Workshop
One session: June 22-27, 2006

This specialized acoustic-monitoring workshop is taught by echolocation experts Ted Weller, Sybill Amelon and Joe Szewczak. Improve your skills in the use of ultrasonic bat detectors, including Anabat, Pettersson and Sonobat models. This workshop is intended for those who have completed a Bat Conservation and Management workshop or have previous field experience in bat research. Learn how to design and implement an acoustic survey and determine the best monitoring system for your needs.

Limited to 15 participants
$1,295 from Tucson, Arizona

Pennsylvania Workshop Barree, Pennsylvania

Bat Conservation and Management Workshop One session: August 7-12, 2006

Sign up for our popular Pennsylvania workshop and you’ll net and trap bats over trout streams and beaver ponds and watch thousands of endangered Indiana myotis swarming at the entrance to a mine where they will later hibernate. Workshop Co-leader Cal Butchkoski of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, with two decades of experience, is a leading expert on surveying and radiotracking Indiana myotis. He is also one of the most successful builders of bat houses and other artificial roosts. Hands-on training includes mist netting and trapping, radiotracking, night-vision observation, bat house use, acoustic monitoring and habitat assessment.

Limited to 20 participants
$1,295 from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Kentucky Workshop Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Bat Conservation and Management Workshop One session: August 16-21, 2006

This workshop on cave-dwelling bats takes us into the heart of America’s karst country at the Cave Research Foundation’s Hamilton Valley facility. In the company of experts, you’ll visit hibernation and nursery caves of endangered gray and Indiana myotis and learn how to detect bats’ prior use of caves and to identify habitat conditions that meet their needs. Fieldwork includes netting and harp-trapping at cave entrances and at nearby feeding and drinking habitats. You’ll get hands-on experience in identifying 10 eastern bat species. You’ll visit bat gates with their designers and learn about habitat assessment, field research techniques, bat houses and public health issues.

Limited to 20 participants $1,295 from Nashville, Tennessee

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For details and to download reservation forms, visit www.batcon.org. Or contact The Workshops Coordinator, Bat Conservation International, PO Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716; (512) 327-9721; workshops@batcon.org.

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Take to the Field with BCI
Looking for an exciting and unique outdoors adventure that will boost your skills in bat research and conservation? Look no ...

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