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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 16, NO. 3 Fall 1998

Vacationer's Guide to Bat Watching

The much-requested Vacationer's Guide to Bat Watching is now available through the BCI catalog, and bat fans won't want to leave home without it! The convenient, spiral-bound guidebook lists more than 70 parks, zoos, museums, and other sites in the U.S. and Canada where visitors can view either wild or captive bats or participate in bat programs and exhibits. In addition to general information about bat watching, the 100-page guide gives details for each site--such as operating hours, admission fees, descriptions of special bat programs, and a list of bat species that can be seen.

Bats have grown so much in popularity in the last half-decade that this guide more than tripled the number of site listings from its precursor, a 1991 BATS article listing 21 bat-watching sites. New bat-related programs and exhibits are cropping up daily at sites across the continent, and BCI will continue to update the guide with these new listings.

The Vacationer's Guide is available to BCI members for $9.95 from the BCI catalog at 1-800-538-BATS (2287) in the U.S. and Canada, or 512-327-9721. You can also order the guide and other BCI catalog products on-line at www.batcon.org/catalog/topcat.html

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