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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 16, NO. 1 Spring 1998

America's Neighborhood Bats Updated and Revised

A revised edition of Merlin Tuttle's popular 1988 book, America's Neighborhood Bats, is now available at bookstores and directly from BCI. The text has been completely updated to incorporate the latest research on bats and public health issues, as well as an all-new chapter on bat houses, based on the findings of BCI's North American Bat House Research Project.

The book is available in paperback through the BCI catalogue for $9.95 (member price). To order, call BCI at 512-327-9721, or within the U.S. or Canada, call our toll-free catalogue order line at 1-800-538-2287.

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Hide and Seek: In Search of Forest Bats
Bat Houses in British Forests
Bat Crumbs: What I Learned from a Palid Bat's Leftovers
Angeline Cromack: Members in Action
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America's Neighborhood Bats Updated and Revised
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