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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 15, NO. 3 Fall 1997

Another Record Year for Student Scholarships

BCI's Student Scholarship Program continues to grow at a record pace. This year, 41 outstanding students submitted proposals seeking support for their field research--triple the number two years ago. The top 14 of these were selected to receive scholarships by a panel of bat experts and are now conducting their research in 11 countries.

Although our scholarship endowment is growing, this valuable program still relies mostly on annual contributions, and your extra help now would be greatly appreciated. The program is proving time and time again to be a wise investment in the future. The first BCI-funded student, Surapon Duangkhae, is now one of Southeast Asia's leading conservationists. Often that little bit of help at a critical time in a student's career can make all the difference.

We anticipate even more applications from exceptional young researchers next year. If you would like to support this next generation of bat conservationists with an additional, non-membership contribution to BCI's Student Scholarship Program, please contact:

Andy Moore, Development Asst.
Bat Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716
(512) 327-9721, ext. 28
(512) 327-9724 fax

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