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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 14, NO. 4 Winter 1996

Wish List

Your help with any of the following special needs would greatly increase our effectiveness. To make a donation, or for more information, please call Bob Benson at BCI (512) 327-9721, ext. 27.

Educational Exhibit
Our purchase of the Exposé tabletop system and lights, mentioned in the fall issue, is within reach. We would greatly appreciate donations to offset the remaining cost of $1,550 so we can have the exhibit ready for upcoming 1997 conferences.

Mines Equipment
A noxious-gas meter, from Industrial Scientific Corporation, is needed by BCI biologists for use in abandoned mine assessment. This safety tool, which is costly to rent, protects our staff by detecting harmful gases. Donations towards the $1,200 cost of one ISC gas meter would be very helpful.

Camera Gear
BCI's North American Bats and Mines Project staff need a new
28-80 mm zoom lens to publicize and document their many activities. A contribution of $240 will cover the cost of this lens from Capital Camera, Inc.

BCI extends a special thank-you to Gregory Contas of West Hartford, CT; Adolph Suehsdorf of Sonoma, CA; Michael Rex of Albuquerque, NM; Mrs. Fleischmann's Monomoy Fund; and Jennifer Cappa and Keith Smith of New Brunswick, NJ, for their generous contributions toward the educational exhibit and special tools for our bat house and bridge projects.

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