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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 14, NO. 3 Fall 1996

Conservation Awards Will Benefit Bats

BCI Founder Merlin Tuttle was honored this year with two prestigious conservation awards. The Chuck Yeager Award was established by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to recognize exceptional fish and wildlife professionals, and carries with it $15,000 for conservation programs. The Chevron-Times Mirror Magazines Award honors outstanding contributions to the conservation of natural resources, and provides $2,000 for conservation.

These funds have been distributed to BCI's student scholarship program, the North American Bats and Mines Project, the Mexico-U.S. Migratory Bats Initiative, and other conservation programs.

Merlin Tuttle (center) receives congratulations from James Sullivan (right), Vice Chairman of the Board at Chevron, and Efrem Zimbalist III (left), President and CEO at Times-Mirror Magazines.
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