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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 12, NO. 4 Winter 1994

You can help
Taylor, Daniel A.R.

BCI IS PROUD OF the difference it is making in protecting America's critical abandoned mine habitat for bats and wants members to know that they can continue to play a major role in assisting these efforts. It was a single concerned cave explorer, Steve Smith, who first alerted BCI to the importance of the Millie Hill site. Members are encouraged to inform BCI of impending mine closures that may affect bats. If there are other opportunities for training, presentations, or media involvement that will contribute to the success of the North American Bats and Mine Project, please let us know.

Members can also help by making a contribution to the North American Bats and Mines Project Emergency Conservation Fund, which was established to enable BCI to respond quickly to emergencies (such as the Millie Hill project) and to provide ongoing support for this massive undertaking.

Call Dan Taylor, North American Bats and Mines Project Director, at 512/327-9721, or write him at BCI, P.O. Box 162603, Austin, Texas 78716.

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