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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 8, NO. 1 Spring 1990

Success with "Active Members Package"
Fox, Barbara


When I began working at the Burpee Museum a year ago, I was bothered by the lack of a good bat exhibit. Only four bats were on display-in bad condition, poorly displayed, and with no accompanying information. I began to plan a new bat exhibit. Then, lo and behold, you good people came out with the "Active Members Package." It was exactly what I needed to pull the exhibit together quickly and easily.

We now have a first-class bat exhibit. I used the "Bats of America" poster in the center of the display, with mounted bats of six locally occurring species in hanging or flying poses above it and on the sides. On the table next to the exhibit, we have a Caramatic projector with the "Bats of America" audiovisual program. The exhibit is in the main entrance hall of the museum and has attracted a great deal of attention. The slide program can be turned on with the flick of a button whenever a visitor wants to see it, and it is getting a real workout. We announced the "opening" of the new exhibit on a sign out front, and a remarkable number of people have come in just to see it.

So, you deserve all my thanks for creating the package and all my compliments on the wonderful job you did on it. The slide program is excellent, the photography superb, and the text of the poster is informative, concise, and readable. Besides assembling all the pieces and making up species labels, I was left with very little work to do. You did it all for me.

Barbara Fox
Burpee Museum of Natural History
Rockford, Illinois

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