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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 7, NO. 4 Winter 1989

Happy New Year from the BCI Staff

From left, back row, standing: Gary Graham, Associate Science Director; Mari Murphy, Publications Coordinator and BATS Editor; Cindy Lind, Public Information Officer; on ladder, Merlin Tuttle, Founder and Executive Director, and Zuri the flying fox; Amy McCartney, Membership Coordinator; Valerie Parr Hill, Director of Development; Bryan Ockert, General Information; seated, from left: Michelle Mooney, Executive Secretary; Pat Smith, Librarian; Pat Morton, Director of Education; Linda Moore, Bookkeeper; Carol Brown, Director of Administration; seated front, from left: Marianne Austin, Mail Room and Catalogue Orders; Janet Debelak, Education Assistant

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All articles in this issue:
ON THE COVER. 1989-90
Landmark Legislation to Protect Flying Foxes
BCI to Host Pacific Island Flying Fox Conference
Flying Foxes in Melanesia: Populations at Risk
The Bats of Israel Yesterday and Today. 1989-90
The Workshop Experience: Learning to Study Bats
Spanish Educational Materials Available for Latin America
Colossal Cave A Year Later
Help for Little Brown Bats
BCI Members Get Involved in 1989
Help Celebrate Bats on Earth Day's 20-Year Anniversary!
Happy New Year from the BCI Staff

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