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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 7, NO. 1 Spring 1989


A Study in Plant-Animal Interactions
Theodore H. Fleming
The University of Chicago Press, 1988
365 pages

The Short-tailed Fruit Bat is a classic study of Carollia perspicillata, the most comprehensive of any thus far conducted on a bat. Integration of nearly all aspects of the animal's life history strategy, including its environmental role in a complex tropical ecosystem, provides an invaluable resource of broad interest to scientists and conservationists alike. Based on more than ten years of research, the role of the Short-tailed fruit bat, emerges as one of crucial importance to tropical forest succession.

Thomas H. Kunz, ed.
Smithsonian Institution Press, 1988
533 pages

Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats is an invaluable resource for the beginning student and the established professional alike. Of the book's 35 authors, most are recognized authorities in their fields. They provide the first comprehensive review of modern field and laboratory methods for the study of bats, introducing new equipment and techniques that should greatly expand research horizons. Topics covered include bat capture, care in captivity, training, census methods, marking and observational techniques, radiotelemetry, photography, age determination, reproductive assessment, allozyme techniques for kinship assessment, sound recording and analysis, microclimate and energy budget analysis, methods for assessing insect and fruit availability, diet and nutritional analysis, parasite collection, determination of varied physiological parameters, genetic comparison, health precautions and more.

Twenty-nine detailed chapters are clearly written, well illustrated and include extensive bibliographies. Addresses for equipment and supplies and a comprehensive subject index also are included.

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