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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 7, NO. 1 Spring 1989

"Mark Trail" Comic Strip Takes Another Look at Bats

When BCI members take exception to the way bats are treated in the news, they aren't silent. Last fall, the long running environmental education comic, "Mark Trail," ran a Halloween strip that inadvertently reinforced negative concepts by focusing only on vampire bats. Many members let us know about it and also flooded the comic's creators with protests. Your letters do make a difference. Jack Elrod, the author and artist behind "Mark Trail," wrote BCI to let us know that another strip will soon appear acknowledging that "Mark Trail" gave bats a 'bum rap' and goes on to discuss how important bats are. Look for the latest strip in your Sunday, April 30th, paper.

Behind the 35 year old comic strip is The Mark Trail Foundation. The Foundation supports student environmental education projects. The message of the comic strip is to encourage people, especially youngsters, to preserve natural resources for future generations. Ed Dodd, Mark Trail's creator, hopes to carry on the dream of Dan Beard, the founder of the Boy Scouts of America, to give young people an awareness of, and love for nature. "Mark Trail" is to be congratulated for favorable inclusion of bats in their message.

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"Mark Trail" Comic Strip Takes Another Look at Bats

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