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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 6, NO. 1 Spring 1988

Corporate Partners

Bacardi Imports, Inc. continues its long and rewarding partnership with Bat Conservation International through a recent gift of $10,000 to BCI's operating fund. Support from Bacardi, which began in 1983, has played an important role in our success, especially contributing to BCI's educational outreach.

In 1985, Bacardi Imports helped fund the production of BCI's popular audiovisual program, "Bats: Myth and Reality." More recently, a grant from Bacardi funded the BCI special publication, "The Importance of Bats," and the writing and illustration of Dr. Tuttle's forthcoming book, America's Neighborhood Bats, scheduled for release by the University of Texas Press in September.

In case you never noticed, the Bacardi rum trademark is a bat, stemming back to its developer, Don Facundo Bacardi, and his personal fascination with bats living under the eaves of his original 1862 distillery. More than 20 years ago, Bacardi Imports published its first booklet extolling the values of bats. Continuing Bacardi's traditional appreciation of bats, Bill Walker, Bacardi's President and Chief Executive Officer (now retired), took an early interest in BCI and has served since 1983 as a Trustee.

Bacardi's second bat booklet, published four years ago, remains very popular, with more than half a million in circulation. It is still available in quantity at no charge and can be obtained by writing to Bacardi Imports, Inc., Bat Booklet, 7475 N.W. 7th St., Miami, FL 33126. New BCI Trustee

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Corporate Partners
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