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BATS Magazine

VOLUME 6, NO. 1 Spring 1988


You can take to assure the future of bat conservation worldwide . . .

is a bequest in your will.

For information about how you can make a lasting gift to a cause you believe in. . . without any current expense or obligation, write or call today for our new brochure. Contact:

George Perry, Executive Director
Bat Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603
Austin, TX 78716

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All articles in this issue:
On the Cover
The Bat in Navajo Lore
Flying Foxes and Economics
Bat Conservation Progress in Southeast Asia
Putting CITES to Work for Flying Foxes
Finding Solutions
An African Diary
Flying Fox Bibliography Available
New BCI Trustee
How BCI is Funded
New Means of Supporting Bat Conservation
"You're invited to explore..."
Corporate Partners
Call for Articles

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