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VOLUME 18, NO. 4 Winter 2000

Bat Conservation in Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, redevelopment of the landmark Fulton Building is underway. Last fall, when copper restoration specialist Joe Pietrusza, of the Ralph J. Meyer Company, discovered a big brown bat roosting beneath a balcony cornice, the manager of the soon-to-be-opened Renaissance Fulton Hotel contacted BCI and Lois Sakolsky, a local bat education and rehabilitation expert, for advice.
Before long, the initial concerns about a bat roosting in the building gave way to enthusiastic support for bat conservation. They even gave the bat a name, “Beauregard.” The upscale hotel has now “adopted” a bat at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, and has made a donation to BCI and to Sakolsky’s organization, the Flying Mammal Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. And while Beauregard apparently enjoyed his stopover at the hotel, he now has moved on to a more suitable winter hibernation roost, probably in one of Pennsylvania’s caves or mines. A copper plaque will now adorn the 13th floor guest suite, reminding all guests that this balcony is “The Beauregard Balcony.”
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Bat Conservation in Pittsburgh, PA

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