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VOLUME 19, NO. 1 Spring 2001

Thank You!

Many thanks to Robert Schemling of Escanaba, MI, for a donation toward the purchase of a TV/VCR, and Alexandria Fabbro of Tehachapi, CA, Elizabeth McLellan of Clarksville, TN, Judie Dunn of San Antonio, TX, Lisa McEwen of Canton, MI, Eleanor G. Alford of Chesapeake, VA, Kenneth Rose of Palo Alto, CA, Cathy Ortenburger of Eden Praire, MN, Doug Roberts of Lombard, IL, and Linda Rogers Sloan of Sandusky, OH, Arthur Scott of Quinque, VA, Harry Stephens of Hallsville, TX, for contributions toward the cost of bat care for our Goodwill Ambatsadors.
Thanks to all who contributed to the care of our "Goodwill Ambatsadors." The yearly costs have been offset due to the overwhelming response of members who chose to "adopt" one of our media stars!
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Thank You!
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