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Lasiurus ega

 southern yellow bat (Vespertilionidae)
 Lasiurus ega
 southern yellow bat

 Family Name: Vespertilionidae
 Genus: Lasiurus
 Species Name: ega

 Pronunciation: lay-zee-your-us ee-ga
 Common Name: southern yellow bat

Like other members of the genus Lasiurus, southern yellow bats are associated with trees which can provide them with daytime roosting sites. These bats feed on insects which they probably capture in flight. Bats observed in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi started foraging about dusk. Nets stretched over ponds at which bats came to drink did not catch any L. ega until about 2 hours after darkness. Stomachs of those captured at that time were crammed with insect remains. The breeding season is in late winter.

Approximate Range

Source: IUCN Red List

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