Volume 12, Issue 4, Winter 1994

Join Us in Costa Rica for Another Adventure

COSTA RICA has been one of our most popular destinations for natural history tours— and with good reason. The ecological diversity is outstanding in this friendly and beautiful country. On nightly trips into the jungle, you'll not only have the opportunity to see the remarkable fisherman bat up close, you'll also encounter various fruit- and nectar-eating bats, vampires, and perhaps even the elusive and tiny tent-making bats. Opportunities for seeing other wildlife also abound. Many kinds of monkeys, sloths, anteaters, coatimundi, and other animals can be found, plus an extraordinary number of bird species, including toucans, macaws, parrots, and many more.

Janet Tyburec, BCI Assistant Program Director, and local biologists, Richard LaVal and Patricia Morua, will take you to biological reserves and national parks, from rain forest to tropical dry forest, and up into the cool cloud forest at Monteverde. The trip concludes at Tortuguero National Park, famed as a green sea turtle nesting ground, and home to an astounding 75 species of bats, including the fisherman bat.

An optional three-day extension to Corcovado, the country's largest and most remote national park, completes this comprehensive natural history tour of Costa Rica.

Don't miss this richly rewarding opportunity. Limited to 18 participants.

April 12-21, 1995 (10 days)
Cost: $2,348 (all inclusive from Miami)
Optional 3-day Corcovado extension $698

For additional information and complete itineraries, or to register, contact Janet Tyburec at BCI, 512-327-9721.

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