Volume 12, Issue 1, Spring 1994


David W. Nagorsen and R. Mark Brigham
University of British Columbia Press, 1993
176 pgs, $15.95 U.S. (softcover)

Bats of British Columbia is the first of six volumes on the mammals of British Columbia to be published by the UBC Press in collaboration with the Royal British Columbia Museum. This well-written and carefully illustrated volume presents a concise and informative summary of bat biology, followed by detailed descriptions and the natural history of the 16 species of bats occurring in British Columbia.

The information is current and clearly presented, making this an important resource. Sections on food habits, public health, and conservation are especially relevant for understanding the ecosystem roles of bats. The species illustrations, identification keys, and small size (5 1/2" X 8 1/2") should prove invaluable for those handling bats in the field. There are also excellent skull drawings that will make the volume useful in identification of museum specimens. Records for each species are mapped, plus there is a fold-out color map of the biogeoclimatic zones of British Columbia.

Also included are appendices with descriptive data for each species and a glossary of some of the scientific terms used in the text. The reference section is current and comprehensive for this type of book. In all, this book is an excellent reference on bats that should be invaluable to anyone interested in bats, especially in western North America.
--John Bowles

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