Volume 11, Issue 3, Fall 1993


For the special group of people who love and appreciate bats, it's hard to understand how animals with faces like these could possibly be persecuted. But the truth is that most people don't see bats as they really are. As a result, many species are now endangered, and others soon will be unless we do something.

How can you help? Participate in BCI's Adopt-A-Bat program. Your support will help fund the research and education initiatives required to help save these magnificent animals.

So, please adopt one. Better yet, adopt several, and give one to a friend or family member. (Take advantage of the special $25 holiday membership package!)

Indicate your choice on the reply card enclosed in this issue, and mail it to BCI. In return, you'll receive an adoption package, including an official adoption certificate, a photo of your bat with complete species information, and a "Batty About Bats" bumper sticker. Most of all, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped.

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