Volume 36, Issue 2, 2017

Play The Echolocation Game

Did you know that bats use their ears to help “see” in their environment? They will make a noise and listen carefully to the echoes to determine where an object is located. Bats and other animals, like dolphins, use this skill called “echolocation” to help find food and navigate their surroundings. Test your echolocation skills with this fun game!


> Blindfold
> A friend


> Pick someone to be the bat. Have them put on the blindfold and listen carefully to the environment around them. No peeking!

> A friend will move quietly around the room and clap in different locations. Can the bat correctly locate where the sound is coming from?

> Take turns being the bat. Play the game both inside and outside. Discuss the differences between the locations.

What was easier? Why?

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