January 2007, Volume 5, Issue 1

Member Nights at Bracken Cave

Now is the time to take advantage of one of the most dramatic benefits of membership in Bat Conservation International: an exclusive invitation to watch the world’s largest bat colony come swirling out of Bracken Bat Cave in Central Texas.
The twilight emergence of millions of Mexican free-tailed bats continues for hours and is among the most awesome spectacles nature has to offer. Clouds of hungry bats fly from the mouth of the cave in a dense spiral, then peel off into twisting columns that comb the Hill Country in search of insects, most of them agricultural pests. Before their return at dawn, these bats will have consumed some 200 tons of insects. This unforgettable experience is, with few exceptions, available only to BCI members.
BCI owns and protects the cave on the fringe of suburban San Antonio and the immense maternity colony that uses it each summer. To safeguard this natural treasure pending development of carefully planned visitor and education facilities, we must severely limit visitation. Each year, members are invited to marvel at the emergence on specially designated nights.
Reservations for the 2007 Bracken Member Nights are being accepted beginning February 1. Space is extremely limited, so please register early. After you register, we’ll send directions and additional information with your confirmation. (Please limit your party to four people. Neither pets nor alcoholic beverages are allowed at Bracken Cave.)
How to Register
Reserve your place for a Bracken Member Night online at
Member Nights Schedule
Thursday, March 22
Saturday, April 7
Saturday, April 14
Wednesday, June 20
Saturday, June 30
Wednesday, July 11
Saturday, July 21
Saturday, July 28
Saturday, August 11
Friday, August 31 (Bat Fest weekend in Austin)
Thursday, September 13
Saturday, September 22

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