Volume 19, Issue 3, Fall 2001

This holiday season...

...make miracles happen around the world

This season, your donation to BCI’s Global Grassroots Bat Conservation Fund will spread more than joy around the world. Global Grassroots is a special program that allows BCI to dramatically increase its impact on bat conservation, research, and protection worldwide. With this fund, BCI provides training, supplies, educational materials, and small, low-risk grants to local conservationists protecting bats and habitats in their home communities. In the last two years, BCI has dispersed $35,000, protecting bats in 13 countries, including Cambodia, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Romania.

The impact of these Grassroots efforts has been phenomenal. Grant recipients have:

- broadcast educational radio spots on the benefits of bats, reaching nearly one quarter of the population in Honduras,

- distributed 10,000 storyboards and lesson plans on the roles bats play in the Cambodian environment, and

- initiated a campaign to bring large flying foxes back from the brink of extinction due to massive hunting in the Philippines.

It isn’t really a miracle that we can accomplish so much with so little. The American dollar goes a long way in these countries, and we know that on-the-ground, in-the-community activists often have more influence in their countries than outsiders. They get results quickly and inexpensively.

Here is the secret to making it work. You! Without your help nothing happens. In fact, we’ve had to suspend additional grants this year due to lack of funds. The quality proposals we’ve received from bat conservationists in countries like Brazil and Slovakia now sit in the “funding unavailable” file.

So this fall, please help bats around the world through a donation to BCI’s Global Grassroots Conservation Fund. Then, sit back and watch your goodwill turn into good deeds. We’ll make sure and tell you all about what we accomplish with your investment.

For more information on how you can support local heroes (both bats and the humans working to save them), contact the director of development, at 512-327-9721, or at

Or, send your gift directly to:
Global Grassroots Conservation Fund
Denise Meikel, Bat Conservation International
P.O. Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716

llustration by D’arcy McCartney
Satellite photo courtesy of NASA and NSSDC

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