Volume 18, Issue 3, Fall 2000

Wish List

Your help with any of the following special needs would greatly increase our effectiveness. To make a donation, or for more information, contact Bob Benson at or at (512) 327-9721, ext. 27.

Night-Vision Goggles
We would be grateful for donations in any amount toward PVS-7B Night-Vision Goggles. These are an invaluable asset in surveying caves and mines because they make darkness look like daylight, allowing easy navigation and unimpaired observation of bats. They also free up hands for recording data and other tasks. The goggles would be especially useful at bat conservation workshops ($2,895).

BCI needs additional dataloggers to collect accurate temperature and humidity data of endangered Indiana bat caves. This critical information will assist biologists with recovery plans for this species. We would appreciate donations to offset the purchase of 20 Onset Hobo dataloggers ($149 each in bulk, 10+ units).

Laser Printer
In an effort to update and correspond with over 14,000 BCI members, our administrative and membership staff currently must wait for printouts from an overworked printer. A new LaserJet HP4000N network-ready printer with 8MB of memory, 500-sheet feeder, and 75-sheet envelope feeder not only will upgrade our current system, but also will allow us to print on card stock, and would significantly reduce our office traffic jam ($2,000).

TV/VCR Combination
Additional audiovisual equipment would greatly enhance our ability to reach a larger audience using BCI videos at wildlife exhibitions, conferences and other events ($450).

QuarkXPress Software
Our publications staff currently uses outdated versions of Quark XPress publishing software. We would appreciate three copies of this indispensable program, which will help us improve educational materials ($769 each).

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