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Fostering the Future

We’re proud to announce the 2019 recipients of BCI’s Student Research Scholarship for Global Bat Conservation Priorities.       ... Read More

Protecting Homes and Food Sources of Two Critical Bat Species

 Lesser Long-Nosed and Mexican Long-Nosed Bats Receiving Support from Bat Conservation International’s New Program Supported by XTO... Read More

BCI Outraged by Planned Kill of Endangered Bats

BCI condemns the decision of the government of Mauritius to kill 13,000 individuals of the endangered Mauritius fruit bat (Pteropus niger).... Read More

Working to Save America’s Rarest Bat – the Florida Bonneted Bat

 A new aggressive multi-faceted campaign to save the Florida bonneted bat, America’s rarest bat. Funding for the conservation effort is... Read More

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